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Delta Heavy - City Of Dreams
S.T. Files & Response - Wanna B 3
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Splash Heads - Akognon
Akov - Full Circle


Drum and Bass, Liquid, Jump Up, Neurofunk Webradio

DrumandBass.FM is a project started by the founders of the established webradios Dubbase.FM and TRAP.FM.
With years of experience within the bassmusic-scene and the help of DJs, listeners and promoters we created a playlist within a class of its own.

In about one year of hard work we listened through around 1000 tracks, added and postprocessed them. We put a lot of emphasis onto the subgenres Liquid Drum and Bass, Neurofunk, Jump Up and Jungle in order to provide enough variation for the listener.

Because Drum and Bass has a long history we were able to create a perfect mix out of oldschool as well as more recent tracks.

Everyday our team is engaged in searching for new tracks. If you like one of the songs played, you can easily look up the track and artist name on our automatically updated tracklist on the website.

We also provide you with the latest news from the bass music scene via our Facebook-page.
Sharing is caring: if you like our webradio, feel free to recommend us.

The fanbase of DrumandBass.FM grows and grows - and with that also the costs for our server etc. grow. With just a small donation you can help us to go on with our project. Thank you!